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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Supernatural Warnings to Prepare for the Bride

Empty CD Player Plays David Warning of Bride
Eddie & Eve Brast - 01/02/2012
(David's notes in red)

God has really given my husband, Eddie, a hunger to read and study the Word and a desire to devour the UBM teachings. He listens to them all day at home in the evenings on our computer and to some of the teaching CDs in his truck while working. The Father is doing a quick work in him in these "last hours".

This morning he went out to his truck to start it up and the CD player, which only holds one CD at a time, was playing one of the UBM teachings. Eddie ejected the CD to bring it into the house so I could clean it and because he wanted to put a different UBM teaching in.

When he ejects a CD, the radio usually comes on. But this time David's voice was still coming out of the speakers with no CD in the player! He pushed eject again to make sure nothing else was in the CD player. Eddie came in the house all excited and said, "Here is a miracle for you: David is still teaching through the speakers in my truck and there is no CD in the player! Go out and listen!"

I could hear it from inside our house because it was very loud and I heard David say in his southern accent, "The bride" really loud and I said, "Wow, that's amazing!"

Eddie said also that it was not a teaching he had heard from those CDs either and he has been listening to these same CDs over and over in his truck.

I told him it's yet another confirmation for UBM and David and that God must really want him to keep listening if He is making them play even without the CDs! Praise the Lord! (This reminds me of the dentist in Gulf Breeze, FL who was given some of our videos by Bernice Turner to watch but he kept putting her off and not watching them. One day his office burned down and the only thing left was those plastic DVDs that miraculously survived the fire, setting in the middle of it on a metal coffee table. The dentist was so shocked he contacted Bernice and told her he was not going to put off watching to those videos anymore.)

Update 1/02/12 6:16 PM: Anything is possible! That's what I'm learning. Eddie said you are still teaching in his truck! He never did put another CD in this morning. And the radio is stuck on the CD function. Love to all our brethren. -Eve

Update 1/03/12 9:31 AM: My CD player in my truck is not a stackable CD player. It will only allow one CD at a time. I pushed eject to make sure nothing else was in the CD player. When I took Hidden Manna 2 out of my CD player, that's when the miraculous teaching started. It was about the bride. I have no CD about the bride in my collection. It's Tuesday now and my CD player is still playing without any CD and it's still about the bride. I still have the Hidden Manna 3 CD next to me that I was going to put in the CD player. It is an absolute miracle. -Eddie

My question to Eddie: I am sure people will want to know, what is the message about the bride is that God is pointing us to?

Eddie's answer 1/03/12 8:48 PM: God is showing, get ready so you can be in the bride. Time is short! About mid-morning on Tuesday the teaching stopped and then I put the Hidden Manna 3 CD in the player. (If you think that the Bride is the whole church and not a chosen few, read the free book Man-Child & Bride Prophecy.)

Before this miracle above, I had already written this article below. Why was I anointed of the Lord in a trance and told to speak to the people of getting ready to be in the Bride? Is there a connection between these two experiences? Also read Door into the Bride IS Closing.

Confirmation Miracle
Debbie Armstrong - 01/05/2012

On Thursday morning I went to download Wednesday night's UBM message to my computer so that I could put it on my mp3 player and listen to it on my way to work. I downloaded it and then opened it in my media player and listened to the first 15 minutes or so while it downloaded to my mp3 player.

It was the testimony of Eddie Brast's CD player continuing to play the warning about getting in the bride of Christ after he had taken the CD out of the player. I got my mp3 player and turned everything off and closed all programs on my computer but the message continued to play. I checked everything and nothing was on, but the message continued to play.


So I left the house and went on to work and it was still playing. Praise the Lord. The message about the bride of Christ getting ready is so very important. Time is short.

Get Ready, Bride
Jacob Patek - 01/04/2012
(David's notes in red)

I had this dream this afternoon that I would like to share with you. I work shift work, so that is why the dream was in the afternoon. I awoke at 12:30 and asked myself if I should get up at that time or not. I ended up going back to sleep and this is the dream the Lord gave me. I have had two brothers, Gabe Watson and Gideon Smith, encourage me to type this out and send it in. It was not until this afternoon (1/05/12) that I came to find out that brother David had given a study on the Bride.

I had been talking with a sister in the Lord the night before I had the dream. While I was at work I had prayed that the Lord would give His permission for His daughter's hand in marriage and continued to pray that He would lead and direct me in wisdom, teaching me to not cover my head and be the spiritual head that He has called me to be.

This is the dream:

I was in my house preparing to go to a fellowship. I was in the living room while a female friend was in the bathroom also getting ready. She was putting a bridal gown on. This girl was my age (mid-20s). While still in my dream, I was sitting in the living room and Gabe called me and told me he had to tell me about a dream that he had just had. He said that in his dream I was getting ready to go to church with a girl. She was putting on a bridal gown and that once we made it to the fellowship there would be a man who would walk in during the middle of the message. He would walk in and say, "I am here for my bride". The brother who was giving the Word would then say, "Take your bride". Then the man who walked in said, "You will have to do the ceremony". (Men who share the word with the Bride serve in the ceremony of the Wedding Feast, as seen below.) I could see the man kneel at a cross that was in the middle of the room. At this point in my dream, Gabe stopped talking and my female friend and I were there.

I could now see more detail, as it was from my perspective and no longer Gabe talking about his dream. (Here he begins to see in his dream the confirmation of Gabe's dream above. This symbolizes the dream is doubled and is guaranteed by God to come to pass shortly. {Gen.41:32} And for that the dream was doubled unto Pharaoh, it is because the thing is established by God, and God will shortly bring it to pass.)

The brother giving the message was speaking English but he had an interpreter. The man walked in through the large double doors at the front of the building. I remember the doors being 20 feet tall or so and the man who walked in was very meek in appearance but quite tall. (He is head and shoulders above all the rest; a giant of the Kingdom.) He had on a white suit or robe and his hair was a brilliant white. He was standing in the doorway and the light that was coming in from behind him through the open doors was brilliant and bright. He said, "I am here for my bride". The brother giving the message said, "Take your bride". And sure enough, the man said, "You will have to perform the ceremony". At this time, I noticed the girl I had come with started to get up. She was walking toward the door through which the man entered. This is when the man grabbed her by the arm gently and with care and he looked at her with great affection. He did not say anything but in my spirit I heard him say, "I am here". (He is here in spirit.) The moment he said this, the girl who was my age turned into an old woman dressed in a dress that was a brilliant white, just like the light that was coming through the doors. (She has the maturity and righteousness of many years.) At this, I fell prostrate on my face and began to weep. It was a joyful cry. Now I was watching from a third person point of view. I could see myself lying on the floor and weeping while the ceremony was taking place. It was over in an instant. Then we were leaving the meeting. The man was walking with us, then was no longer there. I didn't see where he went but the moment he left, in my spirit I heard, "I'm coming back for her. Make sure she is prepared". Then she turned back into a woman of my age and we proceeded back to my house, where I began to tell her about all that had happened and about Gabe's dream and it coming to pass. She laughed and kind of shrugged it off and then I said I had the video on my phone of Gabe and I talking about it.

Gabe called me in the beginning of my dream but on the video we were sitting down on the same couch face to face. As I started to play it, Gabe called me in real life and woke me from my dream. (This is confirmation to us again that we are about to begin the ceremony and the bride needs to be ready. So cut the sin and get ready or miss a once-in-forever chance.)

I told him, "Man, Gabe, I have to tell you about this dream I just had". Gabe and I were both encouraged and I pray that you are too.

The ceremony is according to ancient Jewish custom. It begins with the Marriage Feast as the groom in the Man-child feasts with the Bride for seven day/years. During this time, She has all the rights and advantages of a wife, except the marriage is not consummated. At the end of the tribulation, the virgins escort the Bride and Groom to the Groom's home, where the Marriage Supper is served. Below is an except from Hidden Manna For the End Times -- Chapter Three: "When Do We Go?"


After seven days of the marriage feast, God's people will go to the Groom's home. Jacob served seven years for each of his wives and he had a marriage feast of seven days for each of them (Genesis 29:18-28). This is a parallel revelation. These seven days represent the last seven years or the seventieth week of Daniel, the Tribulation. Samson kept a seven-day marriage feast for his betrothed but left without taking her on the seventh day so she was given to another man just as the harlot will, in our day (Judges 14:12-15:2). Jesus will feast with His Bride in spirit for seven days/years, after which they are escorted by the virgins to the Groom's home in heaven where she will legally be His. This Hebrew custom is shown in The Zondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Bible, 1976, page 97 under "Marriage". My notes are in parentheses.

The bridegroom was the king for a week (seven-day/year wedding feast). During the whole week their majesties wore their festal clothes, did not work, and merely looked on at the games - except that now and then the queen joined in a dance. Accompanied by his friends (John the Baptist was a friend of the Bridegroom in John 3:29) with tambourines and a band they went to the bride's house (which is obviously on earth) where the wedding ceremonies were to start. The bride richly dressed, adorned with jewels (Psalms 45:14-15), usually wore a veil (meaning submission in 1 Corinthians 11:5-13), which she took off only in the bridal chamber. Escorted by her companions (the virgins), the bride was led to the home of the bridegroom (heaven).

This is clear. After the seven days/years of the feast, representing the Tribulation, on the eighth day, which is the day of circumcision when the flesh is cut off, the Groom, the Bride, the friends of the Groom and the virgins, all leave dressed in their new bodies to go to the Groom's home in heaven. It will be just as when Moses and all Israel left Egypt together. Even the dead in Christ will join the procession. (1Co.15:51) ...We all shall not sleep, but we shall all be changed, (52) in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump.... That the Lord takes His people after the seven days/years of the marriage feast is clearly proven by Scripture.

As we have seen, a great multitude comes out of the Great Tribulation to the throne of God. (Rev.7:9)...A great multitude...out of every nation...standing before the throne and before the Lamb.... (14)...These are they that come out of the great tribulation.... Only after "the great tribulation", this "great multitude", which is made up of all who attend the marriage, announces that the Bride is ready and the marriage is come. (Rev.19:1) After these things I heard as it were a great voice of a great multitude in heaven, saying.... (7)...the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready. (8) And it was given unto her that she should array herself in fine linen, bright [and] pure: for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints. (9) And he saith unto me, Write, Blessed are they that are bidden to the marriage supper of the Lamb.... Notice that the marriage supper is in heaven, after the seven-day feast.

Getting Dressed as a Bride for the Marriage Feast
David Eells - 01/01/2012

The Lord awakened me at 2:00 AM on 12/30/11 and I then fell into a trance. He touched my neck and I felt a strong anointing come into me. (Something like this happened once before when I was strengthened to go on the conference tours.) He spoke to me to share with you of getting dressed up as a bride by being obedient to His commands, for the Marriage Feast, which begins at the beginning of the last seven days/years before going to the Groom's home in heaven. Time is almost up to be ready and some are not redeeming it. Some have already been rejected; others must make some steps to keep from being rejected and be in line for the prize of the high calling of God. The Lord spoke of simple steps to take to get ready but that some would not be willing to take them because of pride or rebellion. He spoke of bringing all darkness or hidden sins into the light to be destroyed by confessing our sins one to another so we may be healed and cleansed -- James 5:16; John 3:19-21; 1 John 1:7-10.

At this time, I was given a vision of some people in the faction returning to us to receive the Word. They were like a wayward wife returning to her husband. Later that morning, I received confirmations. Brad was returning from being out of town to local UBM and shared a dream he just had. He saw some people returning to UBM with joy who they were set free from the factious spirits. He didn't know we had been praying for that. Frank also had been awakened at 2:00 AM and was told that what was coming on mankind would be devastating but that the obedient should not be afraid. I met him for breakfast the next morning and he received a discernment that I had received a word from the Lord to give the people. Robin read this above and received Psalm 21, which speaks of the anointing of the Davids and God's defeat of their enemies.

Please pray and fight the spiritual battle for the souls of the fallen around the world. We at local UBM are praying diligently for our brethren whom we love and want to see in the Bride.

Android Phone Speaks to Businessmen
Pamela Orr - 01/13/2012

I was talking with my son by phone today; he lives in Florida. We always discuss spiritual things; I truly appreciate what the Father is doing in my son's life. I told him about CD players without CDs playing out-of-the-blue with warnings to be in the Bride by getting rid of sin. We spoke of how God will not be stopped from having His Bride spotless. After we discussed this, he got quiet and asked me if he could call me a little later.

When he called me back, it was to confirm the facts with me. He told me that some time during the days of last Tuesday to Thursday (January 3-5), he was sitting in a meeting with his Android phone in his pocket on screen lock (which is his policy during meetings.) In the middle of a meeting, he heard a man's voice coming through his pocket and he thought, "What in the world? I'm on screen lock". He then took measures to shut it down. He said he noticed later that it was UBM and was very puzzled, but he didn't know 'what to do with it', so he sort of shrugged it off.

After we talked the first time today, he double-checked the facts and was taken aback for a couple of reasons. First of all, he had downloaded this teaching, having described it to me as "48 minutes on Planet X" while traveling in his vehicle. At the time, he had traveled into bad reception and thought that the download failed. He had never listened to the teaching, not realizing that it was even on his Android phone. And sometime after the anomaly (or miracle) of last week (whether today, or earlier, I'm unsure), he checked his phone and discovered that it had not only downloaded once, it had actually downloaded twice! And, as I said earlier, on screen lock this 'unknown' download began speaking last week to a meeting of men!

CD Keeps Playing Bride Message
Barry Johnson - 01/15/2012

I have also been listing to UBM downloads on CDs in my van and from 1/01/12 thru 1/04/2012, every time I got in to my van my single disc player started playing. It would start out with the message on the Bride and this is not something it has ever done before; it always picks up where it was last playing. The first day this happened two times -- once when I was headed to the corner store and once on the way back. I did not think much about it.

Then, the second day I had several errands to run that evening and it happened eight times, always starting off with the message of the Bride. I thought about skipping to the next track and in that same thought said to myself, "NO! The Lord my GOD is Sovereign and I need to listen to what GOD has to tell me". On the third and fourth days it happened about four more times.

Then I visited the UBM website on 1/12/12 to catch up on the broadcasts and I clicked on the update and read the testimony of Eddie and Eve Brast. Tears of joy filled my eyes and ran down my face at how thankful I was to the LORD for every sign and blessing and trial He has given me. Without any doubt this is a miraculous sign to get all things ready to be 100% prepared here in these last days.

Thank you, HEAVENLY FATHER, and continue to bless UBM and all of us brothers and sisters in JESUS CHRIST to come into one accord.

Music CD Only Plays David Teaching
Robin Schenck - October 2011

Back in October, my friend Linda gave me a DVD of some messianic music she really wanted me to hear (Jerusalem Arise, by Paul Wilbur). Well, I brought the DVD home and put it into my desktop computer's drive. To my surprise, a UBM teaching by David Eells began to play instead of the music. I tried multiple times over several days to reload the disc into the drive and it would only play this one UBM teaching audio file. Though I can't now recall the message that kept playing! I checked the drive to make sure nothing else was stuck in it. To no avail, nothing amiss with the disc drive. No other disc could possibly go into the drive because it is not a stackable drive and holds and plays only one DVD or CD at a time. There was also no disc in the second drive above it where one can burn CDs/DVDs.

Well, I got back to Linda and told her what kept happening. She took the disc back and played it just fine at her house. I believe the next disc she gave me she had redone altogether, burning the video to a new disc. I tried it again with the same result -- that same UBM teaching. So I just listened to the teaching several times, presuming it HAS TO BE something the Lord needs me to hear. I was blessed anyway, though I can't now remember what it was I listened to.

I put the DVD into my laptop computer's drive and voilà, it played the messianic music just fine! I put it into my desktop again to see if it would play the music. Nope! Only played the teaching in the desktop, but the music in my laptop's DVD drive.

The Lord is speaking loud and clear these days.

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