Dreams of Missile Attacks on U.S.

Erin from Chile - 06/21/2005

Just two weeks ago, I had two dreams about missiles hitting the US.

In the first dream, I was just in a completely dark place and I was looking toward the United States (I'm in Chile). In front of me, I saw a great city (I thought NY at the time but who knows...). All of a sudden, I saw a light streaking across the sky and go down into the city. Then there was a huge explosion and the entire city was flattened. Just gone, nothing remaining.

In the second dream, in the same week, I dreamed again about a similar event. This time I was again in a dark place but looking at a large map of the world on a wall. It covered the entire wall and reminded me of something that you might see in a NASA building or something (like a giant computer screen but on a wall). I was standing there looking at this map when I saw three missiles going toward the US again. I stood there and watched as two hit cities on the east coast and one went out to the west somewhere. I was certain that one city was NY but the other east coast city I wasn't sure -- but it was to the south.

Also, in that same week of the missile dreams, I dreamed twice (again twice) about terrible earthquakes. As you know, last week there was a devastating earthquake here in the north of Chile, followed by another one the next day in the south of Chile and then two or three in California, Alaska and Japan. In my dream, I knew that the earthquake would be here in Chile. I thought perhaps here in Santiago, but it was in the north instead.

I pray that my dream of the missiles is only that ... a dream.