Man-child and Corporate Body Witnesses

Aaron Lim - Malaysia

I have been disappointed when trying to give God's blessings to people who weren't able to receive them. It hurts me when a Christian can't receive God's blessings because even my puppy, a mindless animal, was instantly healed of a badly sprained leg when I laid hands on it. I guess puppies don't know enough to doubt.

I had a dream a week or two ago when the Lord asked me to go to my room and wait patiently for Him. I saw myself and a small group of 4-7 people. I think they were my disciples because I was standing apart from them and they were standing together side by side facing me in a row. Then the Holy Spirit came upon us like small whirlwinds of light around each of us and I felt like I was lifted up off the ground a little, while the group of people standing together were transformed into the body of Elijah. They no longer looked like people but became symbols of different parts of Elijah's body, the first one became the symbol of his torso, another a symbol of his ear, another the symbol of his arm, and so on. Even in the dream at first, I thought it was a mistake because the visions and signs I've had before showed me in the anointing of Jesus Christ, not Elijah. I think I understand it a little better now after reading about the man-child on your website.