Massive Earthquake in Omaha

Duckie Holmes - 07/23/2008

I dreamed last night that there was a massive earthquake in Omaha and that Omaha flooded like New Orleans. I saw the Missouri River flowing backwards, as a result of the earthquake.

The strange thing was this: I was way down underground. There were these huge machines, like levers and pulleys that were connected to the earth, and there were these huge (I mean, like massive) men pulling these levers and things, and lifting massive pieces of the earth's crust into some kind of machine that was being used to move it (I know, it sounds strange).

I was totally amazed, and I remember thinking, how on earth are these men moving and lifting all of this? It wasn't that they were lifting small mounds of dirt; the pieces of earth that they were lifting were like the size of states or something - unbelievably huge. And as they worked, the earth moved and shook; and the more they moved and lifted, the earth shook tremendously, I mean, like nothing I've ever experienced before. Then, I was above ground in some city (not sure if it was Omaha, but it was in the Midwest) and feeling the effects of the earthquake, and watching the ground shake; it was unbelievable.

I've never experienced anything like that before. And the next thing I knew, I was watching the Missouri River flowing backwards, a huge current of water, massive, like the river was greatly swollen; people were amazed because it had never happened before. And as a result of the flood (which I believe was caused by the earthquake), Omaha flooded. Not just a little bit - a lot. Not sure if it's literal or if this all means something else, but I just wanted to share.

Note from David: Perhaps much earth is being eroded or slidden by a fault from beneath the area by Satanic forces.