God Will Take the Economy

Mark Meier

Every Saturday, a few of us meet for a prophecy class. This last meeting we had a new person whose name is Reuben. He was troubled about a dream he had last month. I thought it was amazing and was definitely from God. Here goes...

He and 4-5 others went to the mall in a bigger city. When he got there everything was normal. Soon everybody started to leave the mall so they too left the mall. When he got outside he was amazed at what he saw. All around him was destruction everywhere. Besides everything deserted and in ruins there was a very large upside down funnel. Like a whirlwind that was going up into the sky. What was going up into the sky was money and ATM machines...lots and lots of money just sucking up into the sky and disappearing. They then tried to find their way out of this city and decided to split up and look for a way out. He and a couple others went to the top of this clover leaf ramp. When they got to the top, he looked down and saw a group of people, well dressed and in nice limousines. They were very calm. End of dream.