God's Warehouse in the Wilderness

Kaile Hamilton - 08/29/2008

In a dream, my mom, sister, nieces and I were moving into this warehouse that seemed to be off on its own in a way and if you weren't looking for it, you would miss it. (Many do miss God's warehouse because they don't take His promises seriously and in faith. It is off on its own because it is in the wilderness place of our weakness that His power is made perfect.) As we entered the warehouse I was amazed at all things that I saw in it. There were beds, couches, lamps, refrigerators, toys, food, water, etc. It looked like there was anything and everything that we would ever need in there. The enormity reminded me of a store that I went to a few months ago called IKEA but it was larger than that and had so much more. In the warehouse I also saw several more families; some of the kids were playing. There was such joy and peace that filled this large room. We all were just so thankful that we would have all that we would ever need in that warehouse. Praise the Lord!

As my mom and I were talking about the dream, she immediately mentioned that God let me see His warehouse/storehouse for His saints. Praise God!

Paul says in Philippians 4:19, And my God shall supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

I have experienced God supplying our every need but what a blessing to actually be able to see God's warehouse for those who live in His shelter. This promise is something that the children of God will need to stand on in the coming tribulation. The sum of His Word is truth and no matter what it may look like, the Lord will provide and bring us through. Praise Jesus; thank you, Father!