Flood of Judgment

Garrett Crawford - 04/16/2008

I had one of the most vivid and real dreams in recent memory. In this dream, I was told by God that a great flood would destroy the world. He told me this before it even happened.

As the days went by, after I had received His message, water started covering the Earth. The source of the water did not seem to be rain water but came from the ground. (I recall that in the flood account of Noah some of the water came from the fountains of the deep and this is what was happening in my dream.)

It seemed like for weeks the water covered the world and after each passing day the people had to abandon homes and buildings and move toward higher ground. I was just in awe of what was happening and tried my best to warn the people that this was God's judgment and that they needed to repent to be saved.

I recall that I never was scared or frightened because of the fact that I had been warned before this started to happen, which gave me comfort.

I spent the last days pleading with people about repentance but very few took heed. The last thing I remember is that I was at one of the highest points of land and the water kept raising. I woke up before I could find out the outcome of the dream.

I know that another great flood will not occur, but I do feel this was symbolic.

Note from David: Spiritually, a flood of judgment will cover the earth; it will come out of the earth from hell. The demons will administer the legal curse of the waters of the Word on the unrepentant.

Naturally, a brown dwarf star will be passing by and its extreme gravitation will affect Earth and the sun's rotation and stability, causing earthquakes and floods all over Earth.