Crash Coming -- Get Some Small Bills

Amy Methvin - 10/14/2008

In a dream on 10/14/08, I was in a location midway between David and another UBM member who had moved to Maryville, TN.

David had called me to tell me he was preparing for the difficult road ahead and that it was coming quickly. He thought it would be wise for people to get money out of the bank in very small denominations. He really emphasized the small denominations, as if it were a very recent revelation.

He asked me if I would go get $1000 in one dollar bills for UBM. He said we would need them because folks would not be able to make change for larger bills. I told him that I probably could not draw money out of UBM and that the banks don't usually carry that many ones. I suggested that he put in a request to his local branch so that they could order in the money he wanted.

End of dream.