7-Year-Old's Faith for Fish and Headaches

Rebecca Vogel - 07-26-2007

I felt compelled to share Kathryn, my 7-year-old's, testimony of God in her life.

Her bedtime book is the Bible which I read to her. She does not understand it all but listens. She asked me tonight if she could share some miracles from the Lord.

She told me that when she went to bed last night she started getting a headache. She said in her own words, "I rebuked the headache in Jesus' Name".

For the first time in a long time, she did not get out of bed her usual 3-4 times for something trivial. She went right to sleep and was happy to tell me about what God did for her the next day. She said it never bothered her again.

She also said she prayed her remaining 5 fish would live as 7 had died the day before. All are alive and she was thrilled.

It is exciting to hear her words as she is using words in the correct way straight from the Word of God.

I need to explain that her "headache" at bedtime had become a habit. She liked to delay bed in any manner possible and for weeks had complained of sudden headaches only at bedtime. She would ask for an aspirin. I used to give in and give her one just so I could then rest but I knew it to be wrong. I told her she was relying on medicine instead of God.

Now the problem is gone as she figured out, by the grace of God, how to rebuke in Jesus' Name.

Glory to God!